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Your one stop shopping for Group or Individual (non-group coverage)

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Why should you consider using our agency?

  • Unbiased Information - We are an independent agency with no allegiance to any particular carrier. We survey the market for plans that meet your specifications. Put our expertise in the  insurance field to use finding the plan that best suits your needs.
  • Local representation - You will be dealing with an agency based in the Carolinas.  
  • Market Movements - The insurance market is constantly changing.  As new products enter the market, or existing ones become too expensive, we will adjust our product portfolio and strive to keep you with the most efficient plan design.
  • If you have coverage now, we will compare your existing plan to others for both cost and benefits. We will show you the often hidden differences between plans. You decide which plan fits best.
  • In addition to insured plans, we also represent Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Point of Sale (POS), and Health Maintenance  Organization (HMO) options.

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